Intelligent flow applied to surgical suites

Estimtrack provides an intelligent set of tools to schedule, track and orchestrate all involved personnel in surgical procedures and operating rooms based on ML, which improves the efficiency of operating room tracks in healthcare organizations by 31%.

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Surgery duration prediction

Using Machine Learning techniques and historical data, our system predicts the most accurated surgery duration reducing the under/over-use.

Automatic Scheduler

A bad schedule leads to a large economical losses. We provide an automatic scheduler that computes the optimal scheduling, increasing in that way the usage time and reducing the economical losses.

Communications System

Using a set of Android applications and Real-Time TV displays, we intercommunicate all different departments an display the state of the Surgical Area in RT, increasing in that way the patient flow as well as keeping the family informed

Retroespective Analysis

A simple user-friendly data analysis framework to detect and fix the bottlenecks of the patient flow from the historical gathered data is provided.

EstimTrack has been successfully deployed at the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona