Surgery duration prediction

Using Machine Learning techniques and historical data, our system predicts the most accurated surgery duration reducing the under/over-use

Automatic Scheduler

A bad schedule leads to a large economical losses. We provide an automatic scheduler that computes the optimal scheduling, increasing in that way the usage time and reducing the economical losses.

Communications System

All departments are interconnected though a set of applications which distribute the tasks in a more efficient way. All the gathered data is used to display the surgical suite state in RT.

  • Communication Applications:
    • Timeouts and turnover times are reduced due to the more efficient distribution of tasks between support staff.
    • Work amount of PACU (Post-Anesthesia Care Unit) nurses is reduced because of the automatization in the orderlies-nurses communication.
    • Lower work amount associated to the supervision of operating rooms, because the information is centralized.
  • Real Time Displays
    • A Real Time TRACK of the surgical area can be displayed from any screen TV.
    • Family is informed about the patient situation from the patients track and they know where and when they will be informd by the responsible surgeon.
    • Disposing of the prediction of occupancy and of arrivals in real time allows to foresee future collapses.
    • A work amount forecast is provided to the orderlies, so they can take the breaks at the less workload times.

Retroespective Analysis

A simple user-friendly data analysis framework has been developed to exploit the gathered data and to detect and fix the bottlenecks of the patient flow.

  • Number of scheduled interventions, performed, canceled, cancel ratio.
  • Durations, turnovers, prolonged turnovers, delays in the surgery beginning, delays in the patient arrival…
  • Utilization of the modules, Underuse/Overuse times, Inefficiency…
  • Occupation rate for PACU, delays to the patient discharge, time in PACU, collapses.